Certified ICOG Fellowship has started from 2020 January.

Any MD/DGO/DNB can apply by visiting ICOG reproductive medicine webpage.



Fellowship Program

Indian Fertility Society is one of the largest fertility society in India. It is a renowned society which is now a well known name internationally also.

Our Director and Chief infertility specialist, Dr Sudha Prasad is the President Elect of this prestigious society.

At Matritava, fellowship in reproductive medicine has started from 2019. This involves one year of extensive hands on training and understanding of assisted reproductive techniques. Fellows are trained in infertility work-up, ultrasonography, mock embryo transfer, intrauterine insemination, semen preparation techniques, saline sonosalpingography, hysteroscopy, TESE, oocyte pick up, embryo transfer, counselling and management of various types of fertilty related problems

Dr Sabreena Masjid ICOG Trainee Jan 2020

Dr Divya Prasad
IFS Fellow

Dr Sabreena Masjid
ICOG Trainee Jan 2020

Dr Saumya Prasad
ICOG Jan 2020


Dr Amrita
ICOG June 2020

Dr Harpreet
IFS Fellow
June 2020

Dr Pooja
ICOG June 2020